Standard Home Check Services

HomeCheckers is respectful of your needs, providing you with a tailored plan to meet your unique requirements. We want you to feel comfortable being away from your home.

Home checks can be made weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and include

  • A perimeter check and walk-through of your home
  • Scanning driveway and grounds for storm debris
  • Checking for storm damage to roof shingles
  • Checking garage and outbuildings
  • Checking window and door locks
  • Inspecting for proper drainage around home
  • Monitoring thermostat in cold weather
  • Monitoring oil/propane tank levels
  • Checking for water damage/signs of rodents
  • Periodic starting of on-site vehicles
  • Keeping an eye on septic field
  • On-call service for renters

Weather in midcoast Maine can be tough on a house and the surrounding property. A weekly check can prevent unattended problems from becoming bigger and more expensive.

Add-on Home Check Services

  • Houseplant care
  • Run water/flush toilets periodically
  • Test generator/sump pump
  • Hot tub/spa care
  • Snow removal around oil tank fill pipes and propane tanks
  • Review electrical panel
  • Placing delivered packages inside
  • Rodent removal from traps

Four feet of snow shoveled from around fuel tank access

Fuel companies won’t deliver if snow isn’t cleared from around fuel tank fill pipes.

Additional Services Available

  • Wellness checks for elder relatives
  • Low temp alarm installation and service
  • Intruder/low temp alarm response (24/7)
  • Mail pickup at the post office or mailbox
  • Housecleaning
  • Light carpentry and home repair
  • Painting/staining
  • Opening/closing up homes seasonally
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Dock installation and removal
  • Window/door screen removal and maintenance
  • Home winterizing of pipes, etc.
  • Arranging for snowplowing and landscaping service
  • Roof and deck snow removal
  • Admitting tradesman/cleaners for scheduled work

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