We Watch Your Home In The Spring

Springtime is clean-up time! After a snowy and blustery Maine winter, there is always plenty to do to spruce up your property. HomeCheckers pays attention to all the details in readying your home for the summer season.

We Watch Your Home In the Summer

We hope you are able enjoy being in Maine during the summer months. If you cannot be here for any part of the season, we will check your home to see that all is safe and secure.






Edgecomb Client

“We are delighted with HomeCheckers, feeling completely reassured that our property is safe, while we are so far away. They notify us if anything seems even slightly wrong, discovering for example, an appliance we left on causing the electric meter to run when it was supposed to be turned off. This attention to detail provides great peace of mind. Somehow they manage to keep going, despite terrible weather, even e-mailing photos of our snow-buried house!”

Boothbay Harbor Client

“For several years, we’ve used HomeCheckers to take care of our summer home on the ocean. They have been extremely attentive and thorough in taking care of our property. Because we live out of state most of the year, it’s very reassuring not to have to worry about what may be going wrong at our second home. They check the house regularly and report back on any issues they think we should be made aware of, even if no action needs to be taken. We couldn’t be happier with their service and their professionalism. We would recommend them highly to other seasonal homeowners who are looking for peace of mind when they are away from the area.”

We Watch Your Home In The Fall

As the temperature drops in the fall, so do the leaves. Removing them from your gutters and lawn helps maintain good drainage and promotes growth of healthy grass in addition to keeping your property tidy.Home Checkers watches your home in the fall.

We Watch Your Home In The Winter

Home Checkers watches your home in the winter.

Winter can be pretty fierce in midcoast Maine with the mercury often plummeting to subzero levels.  A weekly check or daily remote temperature monitoring is important for keeping your home at a safe temperature to protect your water pipes and your interior contents.